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Project Description
The tool is to generate TypeScript typing (interfaces) for .Net classes that would be serialized by Json.Net.


using TypeScriptJson.Generator;


public class SomeModel
	public int IntField;
	public string StringProperty { get; set; }
	public IEnumerable<SomeModel> EnumerableOfSomeModel;
	public IDictionary<string, int?> Map;


var generator = new Generator();
generator.Context.MapType(typeof (SomeModel));

module ModuleName {
	export interface SomeModel {
		IntField: number;
		EnumerableOfSomeModel: SomeModel[];
		Map: { [key: string]: number; };
		StringProperty: string;

Planned features
  • MSBuild task
  • Multiple output files (with cross references)
  • Generics support (with TypeScript 0.9.x)
  • NuGet package
  • Unit tests
  • Enum support
  • Namespace/module mapping
  • Multiple generation contexts

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